May 22–25 2020
Woodhouse Activity Centre
Adelaide Hills

Rails Camp is a full weekend retreat for people interested in web development to gather and be awesome together. People attend for a variety of reasons: socializing, hacking, learning, teaching, gaming, and more. Though there is a focus on Ruby, we welcome anyone interested in programming or web technologies to join us.

The Venue

Henry Rymill Centre - Woodhouse Activity Centre

Henry Rymill Centre
Woodhouse Activity Centre
37 Spring Gully Rd, Piccadilly SA 5151

The venue has rooms with bunks as well as areas available for camping. Since it will be outside of fire danger season, we will be able to have a campfire.


A bus will be at the Adelaide Airport at 3 pm. We recommend you book flights that arrive in Adelaide no later than 2 pm. We will stop in the CBD to pick people up at 3:30 and then travel to the camp. We will stop at a shopping centre and bottle shop on the way for people to buy any snacks and beverages they’d like (meals are provided though!).

What To Expect

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Photos courtesy of DylanFM and Merrin Macleod


Do I have to sleep in a tent?

By default, every ticket includes a bed in a shared dorm room. We have gendered dorms, unisex dorms and couples rooms which you can choose from after purchase. There is also a camping space if you so choose, but you need to bring your own tent. Please let us know when purchasing your ticket

Will there be internet access at the camp?

The campground has pockets of 3g depending on your carrier, some of which are inside, which is handy because of rain. It's probably best to assume you won't have internet access and plan accordingly.

How will I hack without the internet?!

We will provide a server with libraries and docs. If you need to Stack Overflow something, ask the person next to you!

I'm under 18, can I come?
(or: I have kids who are under 18, can they come?)

Unfortunately, we can't accommodate unaccompanied minors, please look into meetups and workshops in your area. If a parent is attending then we may be able to make arrangements. Please contact us before purchasing your ticket.

I have complicated dietary requirements, will you be able to feed me?

We are committed to providing food and drinks to accommodate all attendees needs, just let us know your requirements during ticket purchase and we will make sure you are catered for. If you have severe allergies please include this information and bring along your EpiPen.

Do you offer opportunity/diversity tickets?

We do! Please see the ticket page

I heard there was a tube slide, is there a tube slide!?

You heard right!

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